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In Taiwan, Taipei City Fire Department has assigned Taiwan K.K. Corp.Taiwan K.K. Corp. as their fire retardant clothing provider after winning the contract from competing with many other qualified supplier of personal protective equipments. Their fire retardant fabrics, KANOX® and MAZIC®, have offered the most protective fire resistant clothing based on the newly developed high-tech technology.

Taiwan K.K. Corp. is a fire resistant fabric leader in providing protective garments for firefighter, special army, air force, pilot, and industrial workers of refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding. Taiwan K.K. owns a big production plant to provide one-stop service with total integration from inherently fire resistant fabrics to high performance firefighter turnout gear and protective clothing.

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Structural firefighters encounter the flash fire and high temperature the most during their rescue activities. How to provide the best possible fire retardant protection against heat and flames have become the main testing goals for suitable fire retardant clothing. Main rescue core is humanity. If there is no safety for human life, the rescue work is equivalent to zero and worthless. Consequently, the primary design of fire resistant clothing is to provide optimum protection for firefighters.

Taiwan K.K. Corp.Taiwan K.K. Corp. has years of experience in developing high performance fire retardant fabric has allowed them to create outstanding Fire Resistant fabric named KANOX® and MAZIC®.  They are certified by CE and/or NFPA and qualified for making fire retardant clothing for firefighting, special army, air force, pilot, and industrial workers of refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding.


KANOX® and MAZIC® fire retardant materials are dope-dyed, and optional for water/oil repellent.  They have different advantages that empower the quality of flame retardant clothing they make. KANOX® fire retardant fabric is hybrid blended with aramid fiber, pre-oxidized PAN blended, and/or high strength fibers. It means  KANOX® is not only fire retardant, heat insulated, anti-static but also environmental friendly.

As a result of these features, KANOX® fire retardant fabric is ideal for fabricating fire retardant clothing. On the other hand, MAZIC® fire resistant fabric is made of aramid, Viscos, Protex series, and/or high strength fiber. It is soft with high strength, and provides buyers various color options. All MAZIC® fire retardant fabric is dope-dyed fabric and oil, water resistant. MAZIC® fire resistant fabric has passed EN tests to be no flaming to edge, no hole formation, no flaming debris, no after flame and no afterglow, and KANOX® has obtained NFPA certification to prove its protective and flame retardant garment's high performance. Because of OEM, ODM know-how, Taiwan K.K. Corporation is capable to customize fire resistant clothing to meet goals of global buyers. Their fire retardant clothing has sold worldwide including Italy, Chile, Pakistan, Portland, South Africa, Portugal, Portland, Vietnam, Philippines, India, etc.

RFQ fire retardant clothing

Fire Fighting Suit Flame Engulfment Test Report From SATRA

The garment described as "Inseparable Fire-fighting suit size L Product code TK09AD01" submitted for assessment according to EN 469:2005 Annex E achieved the predicted burn results given in the tables below. There were achieved with 8 second exposure times at a nominal average heat flux of 84 kW/m² and a data logging time of 120 seconds.


Flame Engulfment Test Report PDF File download

The Bureau of Fire Protection of the Philippines had very specific requirements for their fire suits. Initially these were for small quantities only so our prior suppliers would not custom make fire suits for such limited quantities. So in 2005 we found Taiwan K.K. Corporation and they said they could meet the requirements even for small quantities.

The Bureau of Fire Protection has been happy with the new custom Kanox fire suits that we have been delivering to them since 2006 and their fire fighters like the lighter weight of the Kanox suits against the heavier NFPA suits that they used in the past. Meanwhile the quantity of suits purchased by the Bureau of Fire Protection has increased so by 2010, they have purchased in excess of 3,000 sets of Kanox Fire Fighters Suits

Marcial P. Lichauco Jr.
President / 911 Alarm Inc.

Taiwan K.K. Corp.Taiwan K.K. Corp. supplies fire retardant clothing to India fire market. From 2002, it has been 10 years since we started out cooperation with System 5S Pvt.Ltd, a leading manufacturer of fire retardant clothing in India. We have successfully procured the orders from India' Capital Fire Brigade, and win their faith in the KANOX® fire retardant materials.

Using KANOX® fire retardant materials designed in close collaboration with KANOX research team, our partner System 5S Pvt. Ltd produce various kinds of Ergonomic Hi-Tech fire retardant clothing in India market, provides improved fit, wearer comfort and extremely suitable for wearing in tropical weather. Through our constantly efforts for many years, KANOX® become more and more popular and be known for our high level flame and heat protection property. Many India's fire brigades, Airport, even indicate KANOX® fire retardant fabrics as a particular fire retardant material for their fire resistant clothing.

Cathy Chen
Sales Supervisor
Taiwan K.K. Corp.

In Vietnam, firemen are used to wear one-layer or two-layer fire fighting clothing produced domestically. When carry out fire fighting operations, the protection is obviously short comparing to certificated turnout gears.

In 2009, KANOX® Fire Fighting Suit was introduced to Vietnamese fire brigades by Vemax Trading Co., Ltd. KANOX® Fire Fighting Suit comprises four layers fabrics, said outer shell, moisture barrier, thermal barrier, and inner lining. Complying to EN469:2005 and certified by CE Mark, KANOX® Fire Fighting Suit is equipped with excellent heat resistance, high tear/tensile strength, and medical protection to against blood-borne pathogen.

In the first procurement, Vietnamese fire brigades sampled 3 sets KANOX® Fire Fighting Suits for their simple in-house test. A fireman donning KANOX® Fire Fighting Suits and PPE from head to toes stood in front of a fire torch at a distance of 3 meters. The fire torch was ignited by gasoline and the temperature was 842°C. After 2 minutes they stopped the test when the fireman felt a little bit hot and the clothing smoked. They measured temperatures of clothing surface (161°C) and clothing inside (43°C), and satisfied with the result. Most important, KANOX® Fire Fighting Suit was intact to protect the fireman unharmed.

Even though EN469 fire fighting suits are recommended to the market, at least 95% Vietnamese firemen still wear non-certificated fire fighting clothing. Thus, we make it our obligation to phase in more qualified and budgeted fire fighting suits which not only cater to Vietnamese fire fighting market but also raise protection level of fire fighting operations.

Cynthia Lin
Sales Supervisor / Taiwan K.K. Corp.

RFQ fire retardant clothing
high tech innovative fire resistant gear, firefighter suit

Manufacturer of Fire Resistant Fabrics and Firefighting Clothing – Taiwan K.K. Corp.

Fire resistant fabrics

In 1990, Taiwan K.K. Corp.’s hi-tech textile department was established, and years later, they have become a fire resistant fabric leader in providing protective garments for firefighter, special army, air force, pilot, and industrial workers of refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding.  Taiwan K.K. owns a big production plant to provide one-stop service with total integration from inherently fire resistant fabrics to high performance firefighter turnout gear and protective clothing.  For more than twenty years, Taiwan K.K. insisting on using high quality materials to ensure each wearer’s safety has made their hard work paid off.  Now they have been selling KANOX® firefighting clothing worldwide with a solid reputation.  

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