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EN469 Certified Fire Retardant Fabric and Fire Retardant Uniform

KANOX® & MAZIC® are NFPA, EN 469 certified fire retardant fabrics and are available in the form of knitted, woven, non-woven, and laminated fabrics. They come with various kind of spec. to meet extensive demand in fire fighting, refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding industries. KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics guard the firefighters throughout the expected life of the garment, and that's multi-purpose protection you can rely on.

Structural Fire Fighter Suit EN 469 ( new edition ) Standard
Testing sample and garment part Testing item Requirement Test Method
Garment ensemble Heat transfer (flame) After 5 cycles washing,
HTI 24 ≥ 13
HTI 24 - HTI 12 ≥ 4
EN 367
Garment ensemble Heat transfer (radiation) At 40 KW/m²,
After 5 cycles washing,
t2 > 2 sec.
t2-t1 > 6 sec.
Trans factor < 60%
EN 366 Methid B
Garment ensemble comfortable   EN 20811
water resistance
EN 31092 Ret
Outer shell, moisture barrier, thermal barrier, collar liner, winter liner F;ame spread resistance 5 cycles washing
Mean afterflame ≤ 2 sec.
Mean afterglow ≤ 2 sec.
No hole, No melt
EN 532
Outer shell, moisture barrier, thermal barrier, collar liner, winter liner Heat resistance 180°C 5 mins
Max. shrinkage < 5%
EN 469 Annex A
Moisture barrier, Steam material Thermal resistance 180°C 5 mins
No melt, No drip,
No flaming
EN 469 Annex A
Outer shell Residual strength Tensile strength of outer material ≥ 450 N ISO 5081 EN 366 Method A
Outer shell Tear strength ≥ 25 N ISO 4674 Method A2
Outer shell Surface wetting > 4 EN 24920
Outer shell Dimensional change After 5 cycles washing ≤ shrinkage < 3% ISO 5077
Fabrics composite Penetrational by liquid chemicals > 80% run off
No penetration to innermost surface
EN 368
1. 40% NaOH 20°C
2. 36% HCI 20°C
3. 30% H2SO4 20°C
4. White sporot
Moisture barrier Water proof   EN 20811
Whole set testing   Normal: 8hrs, 40°C 1 KW/m²
Danger: 5 in 250°C 1.75 KW/m²
Emergency: 10 sec. 800°C 40 KW/m²
EN 469

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