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Why Taiwan K.K. fire fighting suit is better

Among all fire fighting clothing, Taiwan K.K. Corp. has surpassed other competitors, NOMEX and PBI matrix, with ultra light weight fire fighting suits to prevent fire fighter's fatigue and risk of heat stress and exposure. In addition. they help to avoid slipping, tripping or falling while battling a fire in a critical environment.

Taiwan K.K.'s 2kg fire fighting jacket, compared to PBI matrix's 4 kg, is designed to be as lightweight and flexible as possible in relation to performance and durability. It allows 30,000 rubs and it's EN 469:2005 certified and has passed burn injury test with excellent achievement. Based on studies, besides designing a high performance fire fighting suit that would protect against heat stress and flames, breathability and freedom of movement are just as important.

With over 20 years of fire fighting apparel and fire resistant fabric technology experience, Taiwan K.K. Corp. is capable of delivering high quality fire fighting clothing to ensure each fire fighter's safety- from head to toe.

Protection -- Manikin Burning Test

When firefighters battle a fire, what they wear and carry can become a burden for moving around and result in injury or death. How heavy can it be? To fight a fire, a firefighter wears a helmet with neck and eye protection, gloves, goggles, a coat, pants and suspenders and leather or waterproof boots. In addition, each firefighter will be carrying a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and tools including pry bars or axes, radios, masks, etc. By the end, firefighters are carrying about 70lbs (32kg) of gears on their bodies. KANOX Ultra Light 2kg firefighter suit is specifically designed to reduce weight on firefighters without compromising their life safety.

KANOX® Ultra Light KANOX® Advance PBI Hong Kong
Total weight: 2.xx kg Total weight: 3.xx kg Total weight: 4.xx kg

 Pain.  1st degree burns.  2nd degree burns.  3rd degree burns.

* 97 sensors over the torso, arms and legs (excl. head) to record skin temperature.
Burns KANOX®
Ultra Light
Hong Kong
1st Degree 0% 0% 0%
2nd Degree 4% 2% 2%
3rd Degree 4% 5% 4%
Total 8% 7% 6%

Based on Manikin burning tests, the burning area on KANOX® Ultra Light (2kg) is 8% and PBI matrix (4kg) is 6%. The percentage is similar, however, KANOX® Ultra Light Firefighter apparel can provide more advantages including allowing free movement and better protections.

  KANOX® Ultra Light KANOX® Advance PBI Hong Kong
Heat Transfer Flame Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Heat Transfer Radiation Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Heat Transfer Flame Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Heat Transfer Flame Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Blood & Pathogen Penetration Pass
No penetration
No penetration
Medical Level Protection -- NFPA

textile abrasion test

A commercial clothing can take over 3,000 rubs is classified as light duty fabric. With over 7,000 rubs, it is EN 469:2005 certified. KANOX Ultra Light Firefighter jackets allowed 30,000, which is what other fabric suppliers can't compete.

KANOX® Ultra Light
Light Use 6,000 ~ 9,000 rubs
Medium Use 9,000 ~ 15,000 rubs
Heavy Use 15,000 ~ 30,000 rubs
Maximum Use > 30,000 rubs

Based on firefighter's needs, KANOX Ultra Light fabric is tested for its functionality and strength including EN 469: 2005, ISO 12947-2, ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671. They are tested for durability, breathable comfortable and medical level protection capabilities.

KANOX® Ultra Light 2.xxkg
Property Test Method / Requirements TK12GA01
Abrasion Resistance ISO 12947-2 70,000 rubs Durability
Water Vapour Resistance EN469:2005
Level 1 ≥ 30
Level 2 ≤ 30
16.9m²Pa/W Breathable Comfortable
Blood & Pathogen Penetration ASTM F1670
ASTM F1671
No penetration Medical Level Protection
KANOX® Advance 3.xxkg
Property Test Method / Requirements TK09AD01 Advance
Outer Shell Tear Strength EN469:2005
≥ 25N
> 200N Durability
Outer Shell Tensile Strength EN469:2005
≥ 450N
> 2200N Durability
Water Vapour Resistance EN469:2005
Level 1 ≥ 30
Level 2 ≤30
17.2m²Pa/W Breathable Comfortable
Blood & Pathogen Penetration ASTM F1670
ASTM F1671
No penetration Medical Level Protection

Taiwan K.K. Corp. is fire retardang clothing and fabric supplier with over 20 years of experience. Their fabric, MAZIC® and KANOX® are developed for making protective garments for firefighter, special army, air force, pilot, and industrial workers of refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding. KANOX® Ultra Light (2kg) firefighter shirts and trousers are designed to provide competitive performances in the firefighting world. 

Assembly Fabrics KANOX® TK09AD01 AD (<4kg) KANOX® TK12GA01 (<3kg)
Outer Shell K-AD02RP (240g/m²)
P-Aramid + M-Aramid + Antistatic
M-FM02 (205g/m²)
P-Aramid + M-Aramid + Antistatic
Moisture Layer CH100SLPTFE (100g/m²)
Aramid non-woven + PTFE
CH100SLPTFE (100g/m²)
Aramid non-woven + PTFE
Thermal Lining K-GORNOX (120g/m²) + M-ST02 (150g/m²)
GORNOX – Aramid
ST02 – Modacrylic + Aramid
M-F70SL (75g/m²*2) + M-FV06 (120g/m²)
F70SL – Aramid
FV06 – Aramid + Viscose
Reinforcement K-AD02LCP (260g/m²) Jacquard fabric
M-FM02 (205g/m²) Self-fabric

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