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In 1990, Taiwan K.K. Corp.’s hi-tech textile department was established, and years later, they have become a fire resistant fabric leader in providing protective garments for firefighter, special army, air force, pilot, and industrial workers of refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding.

Taiwan K.K. owns a big production plant to provide one-stop service with total integration from inherently fire resistant fabrics to high performance firefighter turnout gear and protective fire retardant clothing. For more than twenty years, Taiwan K.K. insist on using high quality fire resistant fabric to ensure wearers’ safety. Now they have been selling their flame resistant fabric worldwide with reliable reputation.

ISO 9001:2000 certified textile factory for your fire retardant clothing ISO 9001:2000 certified textile factory for your fire retardant clothing
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KANOX® fire retardant fabric is hybrid blended with Aramid fiber, pre-oxidized PAN blended, and/or high strength fibers. The genuine fire resistant fabric has the properties of fire resistance, heat insulation, anti-static and environment friendliness. The high performance flame resistant fabric is excellent for fire fighting clothing.

fire retardant zipper, fire retardant thread
    KANOX® Fire Resistant Fabric:
  • Fire Resistant Yarn
  • Fire Resistant Fabric
  • Fire Resistant Knitting Fabric
  • Fire Resistant Non-Woven Fabric
  • Outer-Shell for Fire Resistant Fire Retardant Clothing
  • Thermal Barrier for Fire Resistant Clothing
  • Inner Lining for Fire Resistant Clothing
  • Fire Resistant Web
  • Fire Resistant Zipper
  • Fire Resistant Thread
  • Fire Resistant Cuff
  • Fire Resistant Welding Blanket

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MAZIC® series are made of Fibrous Flame Resistant Fabric, comprising Aramid, Viscose, Protex series, and/or high strength fiber. It is good fire retardant fabric with softness and strength. Various colors available, even special design for making protective fire retardant clothing is feasible.

  • welding blanket, emergency blanket, aircraft blanket
  • aircraft blanket, aircraft seat-cover fabric
    MAZIC® Colorful Fire Retardant Fabric
  • Fire Resistant Fabric
  • Camouflage Uniform Fabric
  • Silver Aluminized Fabric
  • Aircraft Seat-Cover Fabric
  • Aircraft Thermal & Soundproofing Blanket
  • Aircraft Blanket

about KANOX and MAZIC fire retardant fabricKnow more about MAZIC®


In every Flame Resistant protective program, the safety of the firefighters if of the upmost concern. Fire is one of the main factors that threaten human life; EN certified fire retardant clothing provides the firefighters a few more seconds of escaping time to minimize burn injury. Fire retardant clothing contains four layers such as outer shell, moisture barrier, thermal barrier and lining. To meet high performance requirements, KANOX® & MAZIC® are created to make up quality fire fighting clothing, features are anti-virus, anti-static, high strength, heat resistant and flame resistant.

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KANOX® & MAZIC® fire protective solutions

KANOX® & MAZIC® are NFPA, EN 469 certified and are available in the form of knitted, woven, non-woven, and laminated fabrics. They come with various kind of spec. to meet extensive demand in fire fighting, refinery, gas, cement, metal, and welding industries. KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics guard the firefighters throughout the expected life of the garment, and that's multi-purpose protection you can rely on.

Inherent Fire Resistant
The property of inherently fire resistance acts as the primary one of the fabric characteristics. KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics do not melt, ignite or drip when exposed to fire.

Heat Insulation
KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics provide excellent heat insulation. The fire retardant fabrics can resist most of the heat and keep a relatively low temperature on the opposite side of the flame resistant fabric.

Static Resistance
KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics have a balanced moisture regain, which prevents the generation of static electricity, and makes the wearer feel comfortable.

High Strength and Durability
KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics are made of high strengthen flame resistant fabric blended with fire retardant fibers, and achieve excellent property of Tensile and Tear strength. The armor-like fabrics help you to withstand unexpected situation.

Diversified Colors Available
KANOX® & MAZIC® fire retardant fabrics also achieve fine characteristics of color fastness. To satisfy various kinds of demands, diversified colors are available.

Harmonious with Environment
Fastness fire retardant fabric does not contain chemical additives or asbestos. They do not cause any allergic symptoms on your skin, and are harmonious integration of the human body with the universe.

CE, UL, BSI certificates Global customers nations
    Personal Protective Equipment
  • NFPA Fire Fighting Clothing
  • NFPA Fire Fighting Hood
  • NFPA Fire Fighting Helmet
  • NFPA Fire Fighting Boots
  • NFPA Fire Fighting Gloves
  • EN Fire Fighting Clothing
  • EN Fire Fighting Hood
  • EN Fire Fighting Helmet
  • EN Fire Fighting Leather Boots
  • EN Fire Fighting Rubber Boots
  • EN Fire Fighting Gloves
  • EN Forest Fire Retardant Clothing
  • JAP Silver Aluminized Fire Retardant Clothing, Helmet, Boots, Gloves
  • Fire Retardant Clothing for Industry, Army, Police
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