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Create quality fire retardant clothing no one can compete

  • Weight 210g/m², Ripstop (or Twill), Anti-static
  • Color: Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Sage Green
  • Features: Good abrasion resistance
  • Applications: Outer shell of fireman suit, Rescue suit, Anti-riot coverall, Industrial workwear
  • 100% pre-oxidized, High Performance
  • 170g/m², 200g/m², 230g/m², Twill structure
  • Color: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Features: Good flame resistance
  • Applications: Industrial work wear, Station uniform, Wildland Firefighting suit
  • Fluid penetration resistant with NFPA1971 Certified

TK09HM01 Fire Retardant Clothing is designed for maximum protection against the threat of spark; its excellent performance is created by its own anti-static fire retardant fabric. It is perfect for the requests of the firefighting industry. Constructed with a highly innovative flame-retardant, anti-static fire retardant fabric with reflective tape for enhanced visibility. This Fire Retardant Clothing has passed a set of tests and is capable to handle various fire rescuing conditions.

TK09FM01 Series Fire Retardant Clothing Outer Shell Fire Retardant Fabric – M-FM02

The ripstop (or twill) structured anti-static fire retardant fabric is ideal for utilization within volatile as well as hazardous situations as it offers perfect static control versus incendiary spark, shielding from electronic gear damage and fire.

TK09FM01 Series Fire Retardant Clothing Moisture Barrier Fire Retardant Fabric – CH01

The moisture barrier is the second layer of the fire retardant clothing, composed mostly of a layer laminated to a fabric substrate. Moisture fire retardant material allows sweat to get away and supplies fluid penetration resistance against blood and body fluids, common chemicals, and water, helping the firefighter stays dry and protected.

mositure barrier must be waterproof, highly breathabkle, resistant to chemical threats
Moisture absorption
KANOX® 8~12
Natural Slik 12
Cotton 8.5
Nylon 4.5
Polyester 4.5
Natural Wool 15
Rayon 11

TK09FM01 Series Fire Retardant Clothing Thermal Barrier Fire Retardant Fabric – K-NW2

KANOX® K-NW2 high quality fire retardant fabric comes with great thermal protection performance. It has higher thermal protection performance (TPP) than NOMEX® IIIa and PBI, which means it meets international standards.

Both TPP (thermal protection performance) and THL (total heat loss), which follow, are composite measures (test requires a measurement of the four layers of fire retardant clothing "working as a team"). In fact, for TPP, the outer-shell is the most important component. The following results were obtained by testing the three outer-shell fire retardant fabrics while holding the moisture and thermal barriers as well as the face cloth constant.

However, for fire retardant fabric's total heat loss, the moisture barrier is the most important component. KANOX® occupies the mid-position. That means their firefighter benefit from mobility and superior cooling without sacrificing thermal protection and firefighter comfort.

Thermal Protection Performance (TPP)
  PBI NOMEX advance KANOX ® NFPA 1971-2000 Req.
TPP 46-48 41-43 45-47 35
Total Heat Loss (THL)
  PBI NOMEX advance KANOX ® NFPA 1971-2000 Req.
THL 288-233 215-220 228-233 130

The testing comparison between Nomex and Kanox®

TK09FM01 Series Fire Resistant Clothing, Fire resistant Fabric, Lining Fabric- M-ST02

Fire retardant fabric linings are recommended for many projects and for a variety of reasons. When manufacturing fire retardant clothing, the lining is added for a measure of comfort especially for heavier and bulky apparels. Linings in the fire retardant clothing help these kinds of garments close to the skin and make pulling on and off easier.

Aramid fire retardant fabric is extremely durable and stable, and suitable for fire retardant clothing. This fire retardant fabric weights 150g/m² and comes with dark blue.

Vertical Burner, Smoke Density and Toxic Gas Tested Fire Resistance Fabrics and Fireblocker

Taiwan K.K. is one of the leading manufacturers of fire resistance fabrics and fireblocker with excellent performance in flame resistant. We have a proven track record in delivering quality fireblocker to the International Airline such as China Airline, Evergreen Airline. At Taiwan K. K., we work with largest foam manufacture, supplying fireblocker which is manufactured through a rigorous process. Our fireblocker series use Aramid materials and approved to International standard such as Vertical Burner test HVFAA 12s, Smoke Density test ASTM E662 2006 and Toxic Gas test ASTM E662 2006.

fire retardant aircraft seat

Our fireblocker series are suitable for all of the suppliers of commercial and corporate aircraft passenger and crew seats. The application aircraft industry field includes aircraft interiors- maintenance for seat, seat covers and foams, seat controls and cushions. Taiwan K.K. fireblocker series are also suitable for the providers of seat refurbishment, modification and aircraft seat repair and services.

Our fireblocker series ensure the safety of aircraft seat covers and foams and maintaining in optimum safe condition throughout their useable life.

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