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Fire Retardant Fabric - Cooling Vest

Firefighter's Cooling Vest

Fire Retardant Fabric - cooling vest
Cooling vest
    High-tech textiles
  • Testing the cooling material in 24°C and 30°C environments, the surface of the cooling material can stay at 18°C and 16°C. And the Cooling Vest cools up to 20 hours, it can greatly improve our well- being. The cardiovascular part is cooled which also brings a pleasant body climate. Exhaustion and health discomfort can be avoided, so that you feel comfortable and more powerful in spite of hot temperatures.

Made for working: The Cooling Vest provides active cooling and avoids overheating during work. The exhaustion and health problems are avoided. For better health, more concentration and performance.

Manikin test for EN469 fire fighting suit tied in Cooling Vest. During the mission, a fireman wears a Cooling Vest inside of Fire Jacket which can highly enhance the comfort. The effect of the Cooling Vest is to reduce sweating; firemen can feel not only cooling, but also get better protection.

Shell Fill Color Size
100% PES 100% COOLINE® PES Navy Blue S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL

*KANOX® and MAZIC® Fire Resistant Fabrics comply with EN531, EN470, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, ISO 15384, EN469, and/or NFPA1971. More items of KANOX® and MAZIC® fabrics in different weight are available upon request.



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